I’m a concept artist, monster designer currently living in Cracow, Poland.

I like to create: monsters, robots, dark-creatures, and another unusual creatures, but I like to experiment in all forms of designs. Always try to find some new inspirations from games ( years of playing games – starting as a kid with Atari 130XE, through Amiga to PC and consoles ), movies, music.


    Graphic designs: covers, logos, posters, t-shirts, etc.

    Concept arts: monsters, characters, creatures, environments, props ( devices, structures, weapons etc.).

You can’t find a service what you want but you like my works ? Write to me, I’m sure that I can find a right solution for you!

Cooperation with:

  •     EasyRetouch ( EasyResource )
  •     BlueMoon – Independent Concerts Agency
  •     MOST Advertising Agency
  •     Nibris Ltd.
  •     Info-Media
  •     Drago Entertainment.
  •     Dream Island
  •     Tap It Games
  •     Fabryka Słów
  •     Starfield Studio
  •     Dwayne Vance ( Future Elements, Masters of Chicken Scratch )
  •     ElectronicArtMetal Records
  •     Horrified Press
  •     Lightspeed Magazine
  •     The Philosophers’ Magazine
  •     Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
  •     Prodos Games
  •     Tate Interactive
  •     Montag Press
  •     The Armory – clothes for gamers
  •     New World Alchemy
  •     Fantasy Flight Games
  •     Kuźnia Gier
  •     Trefl
  •     One More Level
  •     Okolice Strachu

Publication in:

  •     Biomech Art ( published by: Graffito Books )
  •     EXPOSÉ 11 ( published by: Ballistic Publishing )
  •     Sirens Call Publications
  •     Bloody Disgusting
  •     Lightspeed Magazine
  •     Cataclysm: Ultimate X-Men #1 ( published by: Marvel Ent. Inc. )
  •     Magia i Miecz

If you have questions, comments, concerns, regarding freelance or job opportunities please feel free to contact with me.


ps. Why Noistromo ?

The first reason is a tribute to my favorite movie series Alien and M class starship Nostromo.

Second idea was to add something dark, mechanical, industrial, something what I like and because when I think “industrial” I “hear” noise, Nostromo morphed into NOIS(e)TROMO.